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Soaring on Broken WINGS



November 30, 2018

A man had a dream one night. In the dream he stood before the throne of God in heaven. The man crossed his arms on his chest and spoke to God.

“God”, he said, “I feel like giving up. Sometimes being a Christian is just too hard, and I don’t feel like doing it anymore. It gets discouraging, you know? Isn’t there some way for me to just get a “vacation” from being a Christian?

God nodded his head. “I see,” he said. “And while you’re on vacation, would you like me to still cause the sun to rise every morning? Would you like me to still place a song in the throat of every bird? Would you like me to keep your heart beating? Would you like me to open your eyes from sleep and give you another day of life?

Would you like me to still listen to your prayers and soothe your hurts? Would you like me to still forgive your sins and keep your soul in the palm of my hand? Would you like me to still send the sun to bed at night and give you the moon and stars to decorate your night sky? Would you like me to close your eyes in sleep and fill your lungs with breath even while you sleep? Or are you suggesting that I go on vacation, too?

The man swallowed hard before speaking. “Uh you know,” he answered God in his dream, “I…I…I’ve ch-changed my mind. I’ve decided I don’t need a vacation after all!

Most of us feel like that man from time to time. We may be tired of doing our chores. Or tired of doing a certain job. Or tired of making right choices. We may even get tired sometimes of being Christians. But at times like those, we need to remember that God commands us to persevere. We need to remind ourselves that God commands perseverance because God values perseverance. And we need to understand that God values perseverance because He perseveres for us, day after day, moment after moment.

Perseverance is right because God perseveres. He promises never to fail us or forsake us. And because He will always keep going for us, we should learn to persevere in the things we do. Selah


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