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Zion City Council Forms Animal Control Commission


November 16, 2018

Zion City Council formed the Animal Control Commission, Tuesday, November 6, 2018 in response to citizen concerns of the processing, handling and temporary holding of dogs and cats in the City. Some over the concerns were raised in what has become known as "The Dog in the Dumpster" story where a dead German Shepard was found in the dumpster just outside of Zion's Animal Control facility in July.

"We were very thankful to the group of advocates for bringing some additional issues and concerns to the forefront. Because of their willingness to help the city, many improvements have been made over the last 3 months," says Zion City Commissioner Mike McDowell.

Commissioner McDowell brought together a number of concerned citizens along with fellow Commissioner Bill McKinney and held a clean-up day at the facility where over 80 volunteers helped clean the Animal Control Facility and Grounds on August 11, 2018.

Volunteers Chris Szymanski and Madeline Santana created a Facebook page for Zion's lost and found pets. The page profiles dogs and cats found or picked up by Animal Control, and also informs residents when the pets have been reunited with their owners or released to Lake County Animal Control or to Orphans of the Storm.

Commissioner McDowell submitted to the City Council a contract to move animal control services to Lake County Animal Control. The City Council approved the measure.

"We will continue to use our Community Service Officers to pick up animals running at large in the city and enforce our animal control ordinances. If animals cannot be immediately returned to their owners, they will then be picked up by Lake County Animal Control," McDowell said.

The proposal to form the commission was also adopted and the Honorable Mayor Al Hill read a resolution naming Chris Szymanski, Madeline Santana, Noelle Harris, and Lisa Weikle to serve on the commission.

"I want to thank all those who had a part in guiding our efforts in putting this commission together for the betterment of all our residents; human, canine and feline," said McDowell. "I would be remiss not to thank those who initially brought their concerns to the City Council and really got the ball rolling in making these improvements to our animal control services. Thanks to Cari Clark, Sue Davis and Charlie Burleson."


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