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Ron Molinaro, Enters Race for Mayor of Zion


November 7, 2018

In a packed room at Inn at Market Square in Zion, Ron Molinaro, 51, of Zion announced his candidacy for Mayor of the city of Zion. Molinaro, who was raised in Zion and 1986 graduate of Zion Benton Township High School, spoke of the need for change in a city that has under gone dramatic change since the closure of the Zion Nuclear plant in 1998.

Those changes have resulted in sky rocketing property taxes and a crumbling infrastructure which are among the primary reasons Molinaro has decided to enter the race.

Molinaro said “Elections in Zion can no longer be about popularity, they must be based on Policy”

Molinaro said that elections in Zion have usually resulted the best known candidate winning; many of whom haven’t been the most qualified.

“I have not spent my career in the sports arena; I have spent mine in the political arena, I didn’t play in the Coliseum against Magic or the United Center with Michael...but I've played football in Salem Boulevard with little Rob and Andy” Molinaro said. Referencing to the only other announced candidates time as a professional athlete.

Molinaro has had a 20 year career at the executive level in Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White's office and has had a life-long presence in Zion, including activism and his charitable foundation Alyssa’s Angels, formed after his daughter's passing in 2009.

Alyssa’s Angels has provided more than 2000 winter coats to local residents and this past Thanksgiving provided 60 Thanksgiving meals to local veterans and those in need.

Molinaro also discussed the need for the US Department of Energy to compensate the city of Zion for the nuclear waste currently stored on the lakefront, in order for the city to be able to maintain a strong viable emergency response in the event of an incident involving the stored materials. He cited the example of a fire in the Illinois State Park as an example of the potential danger associated with the stored material.

He also laid out a plan for a Housing Coordinator to address concerns of residents regarding the large amount of rental properties.

Molinaro said the budget crisis necessitates shared sacrifice and called for reducing the high salaries of the city’s department heads.

"We don't have a 60 million dollar budget like Gurnee. We have a 14 million dollar budget with nearly a 2 million dollar deficit" Molinaro said “When you’re in financial trouble at home you don’t have the premium cable package, you may have to go to a digital antenna. Zion needs to go to the digital Antenna for awhile. In a Molinaro Administration the sacrifice will be shared by all, not just the citizens”


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