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A Shopping Cart On Sheridan


September 14, 2018

A Shopping Cart On Sheridan

Zion has a problem when it comes to shopping carts. Several businesses in the area are losing thousands of dollars a month because of stolen and missing shopping carts. Shopping carts are a common way to move goods around, but when shopping carts end up off the property or missing, it takes money out of the consumer's pocket.

Retailers often pay $300 to $500 per shopping cart for use in-store and in the parking lot. When carts end up unaccounted for, thousands of dollars for loss prevention must be provided through increases in the pricing of goods and services. At $500 a cart, three carts lost per week totals to $1,500 a week, therefore resulting in a $6,000 loss for a month. Annual losses round out to above $72,000 for some retailers.

Some carts have locks and some, like the ones at Aldi, have a set cost for cart usage, and you get your money back when you have returned the cart to the correct location. However, this does not sway cart thieves and people who misuse carts off the property. Some carts that are taken off the property do not end up back at their respective businesses, as many retailers do not have a retrieval system for lost/stolen carts. Most missing carts remain in alleyways and homes in the area.

Cities and towns immediately around Zion don't have as many stolen cart issues as Zion does because they are not walking distance areas. Therefore, the growing problem of missing carts is a glaring issue in the community, as dollars are being lost and retailers are having a decrease in available carts for the community.

Do not take carts off of their properties, as it is considered theft. Also, retailers warn that the price of goods will increase due to covering loss prevention costs due to missing carts. Consumers can instead buy non-retailer carts from stores if they need to take groceries from the store to a different location.

- By Arthur Bass


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