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The History of the Dome


August 31, 2018

1905 Photo of the Dome

The History of the Dome

218 Photo of the Dome

Early in 1902, Dowie had a large "hotel" constructed, called the Elijah Hospice, to accommodate workers who would build the new city, which was to be a theocracy, a City of God. The Hospice was located on Sheridan Road and 26th Street. It took 500 workers two months to complete the three-story building, which at the time was the largest wooden structure in Illinois. Painted white, the Hospice seemed to be the very icon of Dowie's message of "clean and faithful living." the 1950s, the Zion Hotel, as it came to be known, was a residence for senior citizens.

By the 1970s, the building was in such need of repair it had to be condemned. In 1979, it was razed, but Zion's citizens donated $20,000 to save the dome as a reminder of the city's extraordinary past.


Reader Comments

RonMolinaro writes:

I remember going there as a child in the early 70's to sing Christmas carols to the seniors.


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