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Soaring On Broken Wings


August 24, 2018

Singing in a Strange Place

Have you ever had to sing when you wanted to cry? On the outside you were smiling, but on the inside you were dying from a strange place of sadness or disappointment or even some dreaded fear. Strange places can be situations and circumstances we would not choose for ourselves, but they are places God has allowed into our world. Sometimes life and all of its many twists and turns can create strange places for us.

Years ago, in a city called Philippi two men were placed in prison because of their Christian life style and faith in God. Their names were Paul and Silas. They were stripped of their clothes, beaten half to death and placed in heavy chains and thrown into the inner court of the prison. Yet at the darkest hour (midnight), unjustly treated, in a stinky prison, in the inner courts where all the other prisoners could see them, they began to sing praises to God.

On that particular night throughout the prison, (imagine with me,) songs of praise, songs of victory, joy, and freedom penetrating the air. The other prisoners looking on must have thought “these men must be out of their minds, singing to their God, instead of shouting vulgar remarks at those who put them here”.

But because of the songs in the night things got even stranger. The ground began to rumble as an earthquake began shaking the foundation of the prison. The prison doors of each prisoner flew open and every chain was broken. Imagine the awe of every soul that night.

Did you know singing praises to our God, even in strange places is a powerful weapon? It sets the captive free! It is an act of faith. God welcomes our praises. When we learn to sing (really sing) great things began to happen even in the strange places of life.

•Victories are in our singing.

•Miracles are in our singing.

•Chains are broken in our singing.

•Others are saved in our singing.

•God responds to the praises and songs

of His people.

Are you finding yourself in some strange place or places? Open your mouth and sing.

Then sings my soul, my savior God to thee

How great thou art, HOW GREAT THOU ART!

-Michelle Obleton


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