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August 17, 2018

Who will you vote for in the upcoming election for Governor of Illinois and why?

Beverly Mull

I'm going to be voting for J.B. Pritzker and the reason why is because J.B. is doing things for social services, and he's helping people. He's already doing things for help for prison reform. He's not, J.B. is not a talker, J.B. is a doer, and we need doers in offices. We need doers in position so that they can make a difference for the people. And the role of a Governor or a President, it's about serving, and I see J.B. as a person that's going to serve the people of Illinois.

Paula Bass

Pritzker, and the reason why I think it's time for a change is because Rauner has not proven to do anything correctly.


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