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Aaron Lawlor, County Board Chair, Checks Into Rehab Center


August 10, 2018

Aaron Lawlor Goes to Rehab

Aaron Lawlor, Lake County Board of Commissioners Chairman, announced a week ago that he was taking a 30-Day leave of absence as he had checked himself into the Betty Ford Rehabilitation Center for an unspecified drug addiction.

The new acting Lake County Board Chair is Carol Calabresa.

Lawlor sent an email message to Board Members on Tuesday, August 7, 2018 announcing that he was withdrawing his candidacy for re-election this week.

"Since entering treatment, I have learned the importance of not letting anyone or anything get between my serenity and my recovery. Accordingly, I am withdrawing my candidacy for re-election this week. I would much rather lose my job than lose my life, and that was where my addiction was taking me," Lawlor said in the email statement.

He further announced that he would be taking an extended leave of absence until further notice.

Lawlor further elaborated, "I am grateful for your support and kindness as I continue to make good progress in my recovery. I have received so many notes of encouragement that fuel my commitment to my recovery everyday, including messages from people in recovery from their own addictions."

Lake County State's Attorney Michael Nerheim said in a statement that since allegations and inquiries surfaced that Lawlor may have been using his county credit card for personal purchases, he along with the Acting Chair Calabresa, and the Lake County Sheriff's office has selected a highly qualified independent third-party organization to conduct a complete investigation.

According to the Lake County News Sun, Lawlor's home has been foreclosed on, a closed court case showed a judgement for $4,770 to Capital One Bank and that his political campaign committee had been fined for $15,000 for failure to make the required campaign filings and disclosures.

At the writing of this report, the investigation was not complete. However, Nerheim said that the citizens of Lake County would be kept informed as soon as possible, given the parameters of the integrity of the investigation.

No charges as of the writing of this report has been filed.

Aaron Lawlor's salary as Chair of the Lake County Board was approximately $90,931.


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