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Soaring on Broken WINGS


Soaring on Broken WINGS

Michelle Obleton

Have you heard of the determination and tenacity known in the legendary wolverine? This fierce animal will fight any opponent, regardless of size or strength. Larger animals are known to back away from this ferocious member of the weasel family. Here is a story about the wolverine.

One day the wolverine averaging only thirty five pounds in weight, faced a four hundred pound grizzly. The wolverine sprang first, but with one powerful swipe the four-inch claws of the grizzly slashed through its tough skin and sent it sprawling to the rocks. The wolverine leaped again aiming for the back of the neck, but it only managed to sink its sharp teeth into the shoulder muscles. In a wild fury of fangs and claws new wounds opened on each contestant. But the powerful grizzly soon overcame its tenacious opponent. It clamped its large jaws around the wolverine’s back, lifted it high into the air and flung it against the rocks.

The wolverine’s body lay motionless where it had fallen. The grizzly was clearly the winner and might have walked away, but its rage had been aroused. It triumphantly stepped forward to pour out more fury on its victim. As it bent down, the wolverine mustered all its remaining strength and lunged at the bear. Its sharp teeth sank into the bear’s throat and reached their mark. The stunned and surprised grizzly felt the fiery pain of vital cords being severed. Then a strange numbing seized its body and it slumped to the ground. Exhausted and badly wounded, the wolverine managed to drag itself over to a crevice in the rocks. There it would wait for healing to come to its body. The determination which made retreat unthinkable would now be used to recover the near-fatal wounds.

How’s that for a story? May the spirit of the wolverine be in you this year with fierce determination to face the grizzlies that will try to over-power you and may you be victorious in all you do. Ecclesiastes 9:11 says, "The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happens to them all". I believe time and chance is on our side. Do you receive it?

Wolverine, Michelle

Story taken from Character Sketches Institute of Basic Youth Conflict


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