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JOI with Fitness Demonstrates Against Bullying

Photos by Gibbie


JOI with Fitness held an outdoor demonstration against bullying. Members of the fitness team wore inappropriate names inscribed on their bodies. The names were negative designations that individuals tend to call others in an attempt to intimidate them. The women and men of JOI with Fitness dressed in black leotards and work out gear stood hand to hand and lined the street in front of their fitness studio. With hands held up high, they showed to the world, in this demonstration, that bullying in any form is unacceptable.

"We are here to raise awareness, among the younger generation, against bullying, and we are also targeting adults who continue to spew negative comments and hurt other adults," says Alice Scott, the fitness coach at JOI with Fitness.

According to Alice, there were lots of honks and smiles as people drove by. This was an indication that the physical demonstration against bullying was a success.


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