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Human Trafficking Forum Held In Zion


Human Trafficking Forum Held At Trinity

On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, Princesses and Ladies Inc., a local not for profit organization that focuses on empowering girls and women in partnership with Women of Worship (WOW) Ministry, the Women's Ministry at Trinity Christian Center, presented a Human Trafficking Forum which was held at Trinity Christian Center with panelists who spoke on various aspects of Human Trafficking and how we can all help. The aim of the event was to bring awareness of human trafficking to the people in and around the City of Zion.

Human Trafficking being the #2 criminal activity in the world behind drug trafficking along with the statistics showing 20-30 million people are victims of human trafficking today, clearly shows the importance of the forum. It is also important to know that 80% of runaways are confronted by a trafficker within 48 hours. As one panelist, Kara from Salah Freedom explained, the highest vulnerability many young girls face who get caught up in human trafficking are seeking to be loved, accepted and included. The average age for sex trafficking is age 12-14 years old.

After the panel presented, people from the audience were able to ask questions, which the panelists addressed. Rebecca from Aurora Medical Center of Kenosha, explained that it is important for us to be non-judgmental. Detective Harmon from the Lake County Sheriff's Office shared a recent human trafficking takedown in Zion. Two women were rescued and their traffickers arrested. Officer Meyers from the Zion Police Department shared how it is important that we are vigilant in watching out for our children in our individual communities.

A live video of the event can be found on Princesses and Ladies Inc.'s Facebook page.


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