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Jesiel Bill Ensures Viability of Kidney Treatment Facilities


Jesiel Bill to Ensure Viability of End Stage Kidney Treatment

Facilities Passes House

SPRINGFIELD – Last week, State Representative Sheri Jesiel (R-Winthrop Harbor) passed legislation through the Illinois House to ensure medical facilities that provide integral end stage kidney treatment will not be hindered by duplicative state rules.

"Anyone affected by kidney disease, whether personally or through a family member, knows how important it is to have access to dialysis treatment," said Jesiel. "Through House Bill 5069, we are preventing the implementation of a costly double licensing regulation which would have created an obstacle to this critical care. The last thing any patient needs is something that makes it more difficult to access care and I'm glad my colleagues in the House agreed."

In 2002, the Illinois General Assembly passed the End Stage Renal Disease Facility Act. The purpose of this act was to establish a committee to create a state licensing standard for end stage renal disease facilities (ESRDF) in Illinois. However, an inability to maintain the committee stalled this process. Fortunately, the federal government already performs specified licensing for ESRDF facilities.

After an administrative review, it was found that enforcing an additional state license on ESRDF facilities, which provide essential dialysis treatment, would place a duplicative burden on these providers and negatively impact patient access. Through Jesiel's House Bill 5069, this hindrance to patient access is removed and it also ensures a cost savings as the Illinois Department of Public Health does not need establish a new and costly section to administer this double regulation.


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