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Illinois Dunesland Garden Club Host Events


Illinois Dunesland Garden Club

The Illinois Dunesland Garden Club held their annual perennial plant auction on May 8 at the Shiloh Center, 27th and Emmaus in Zion at 1 p.m. Garden Club members provided root cuttings and divisions of perennial plants from their own gardens. There were many treasured rare plants as well as more well-known plants. From ground covers to trees, and shade- to sun-lovers, hundreds of plants were presented on the auction block. This sale was open to the public and was a great way to acquire plants for gardens and landscapes.

The Auction was preceded by a luncheon at 11:30 am with homemade foods.

Upcoming events will include a Spring Tea at the Shiloh Center on Tuesday, June 12, and their Annual Garden Walk on Saturday, July 14. Interested parties my register for the Annual Garden Walk at the Zion Public Library. The events are free. There may be raffle tickets sold to help support the work of the group.


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