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This Group Rocks!


April 13, 2018

Sandy Dickson

Brooklyn Christol, age 8, demonstrates her rock-painting skills, saying she likes to do them because it's fun and she can be artistic. Among those pictured are rocks painted by various members of the local group. The back side of one shows the group identification.

There is a local group that feels very fortunate to be living close to Lake Michigan-not only for the usual reasons of sunning themselves or playing in the water, but because they can gather the smooth rocks along the shore. Those not fortunate enough to live near a reserve of such perfect small rocks, have to buy them at a local hobby store.

The idea is to find a smooth rock that is easy on which to paint a picture or design, affix an identifying tag on the underside, then place it in a public location where it can be easily found by someone else. That finder then looks on the underside of the rock for identifying information, takes a picture of the decorated rock and posts it on the group's Facebook page, telling where and when the rock was found.

Brooklyn says, "I can paint all kinds of stuff using paint, nail polish and even glitter. I like to leave them for other people to find and I hope it makes them smile and then maybe paint rocks too." She delights in helping her grandparents, Sherry and Pat Christol, do their rock painting, hiding and finding.

Teri Hogan of Winthrop Harbor, started the local group that originated from what she saw on Facebook by a group called Northeast Ohio Rocks. The purpose is solely for fun, satisfaction and to spread kindness. They like to refer to them as 'kindness rocks.'

Each rock group has its own FB page and looks forward to seeing if their rock was found, when and where.

The local group information is: Lake Michigan Rocks! On it, you will find all the information about painting, sealing the paint, hiding and re-hiding, as well as seeing pictures of other rocks. To date, their local rocks have been found/posted in almost 30 states and 6 countries.

What fun!!

Everyone is invited to jump right in, and with Lake Michigan so close, there are certainly lots of nice smooth, well sized rocks to find and paint.


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