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City of Zion Makes the Zinnia the Official Zion flower


March 30, 2018

The official date of spring for 2018 was March 20, 2018. Incidentally, that was also the date that the City of Zion Council voted to make Zinnias the official flower of Zion. The Zinnia flower is native to the United States and South America and is most noted for their solitary long-stemmed flowers that come in a variety of bright colors. Mostly grown in the summertime, Zinnia are perfect flowers to plant in the early spring. They tend to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. According to NASA, they have even been grown and blossomed on the International Space Station.

Zion Township Supervisor Cheri Neal has lead the effort to see the Zinnia as the official flower of Zion. Three seed companies (Joyful Butterfly, Applewood Seed Co, and Ball Horticultural Co.) have donated seeds to distribute during the month of April. Cooke Magnet School in Waukegan will be growing 20 flats for the Park District planters and 223 flats has been order by the Cancer Treatment Centers and the Zion Elementary School District #6. Residents may stop by the Zion Township Office or the Zion-Benton Township Library to pick up free seeds to plant in your garden. Happy Zinnia.


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